Helping those in Nicaragua impacted by Hurricane Nate

La Mariposa is a wonderful organisation, not only is it an eco-hotel and spanish school but they also do an incredible amount of work with the local communities. Below is a paragraph from their website.

Over the years La Mariposa has become involved in a wide range of different projects in several of the poorer barrios in La Concha. We do not set up our own projects– ideas and initiatives come directly from people in the community — and, at their request, we employ people to work with them. Some of the projects support children, including disabled children; others, such as helping building a bakery, benefit women’s cooperatives; we are also increasingly involved in eco-tourism initiatives aimed to strengthen both local communities and the local environment. Plus we have our rescued animals: dogs, cats, monkeys, parrots, and horses. Volunteer work is available on most of the projects.

Read about the impact that Hurricane Nate has had on La Mariposa and DONATE here:

Please consider donating to this worthy cause….

If you are in the UK, you can donate here (and Gift Aid it to boost the donation by 25%!):

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